Ropes & Lines

Ropes & Lines

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Mooring lines:

DockTwin - 16 mm Ø, navy blue

GeoTwist Polyester - 20 mm Ø, black or navy blue


Gemini X - 6 mm Ø, white with green or red marker
Gemini X - 8 mm Ø, white with black marker
Gemini X - 10 mm Ø, white with blue marker, white with black marker
Gemini X - 12 mm Ø, white with yellow marker
Gemini X - 14 mm Ø, white with red marker
Gemini X - 18 mm Ø, white with blue marker

Small lines:

Jackline - 6 mm Ø, grey

GeoOne Polyamide 16-plait braid - 4 mm Ø, white or black

Dyneema lines:

Caribic Color - 4 mm Ø, yellow with red marker
Caribic Color - 6 mm Ø, black marker pink

Dyneema Trimm - 4 mm Ø, white

MegaTwin - 8 mm Ø, green mottled
MegaTwin - 10 mm Ø, red mottled, yellow mottled, black mottled, blue mottled
MegaTwin - 12 mm Ø, navy blue mottled

DynaOne HS Max - 10 mm Ø, grey